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Canadian Immigration Consultancy

Your steps get you Permanent Resident Visa for Canada...

You made your decision and took action towards your new life in Canada...

You are courageous. You have been thinking to start a new life in Canada for a while and now you take action and make your first step contacting us. You will find at Connecting to Canada 

  • Free consultation to identify your needs
  • Free information about the suitable Canadian Immigration Programs according to your needs
  • Free assessment for your eligibility for the specified programs
  • Expert Opinion Letter for your case (optional)

You have now decided to apply for your Canadian Immigration Program with Connecting to Canada’s personalized service and experience...

Thanks for your trust to us. Your life is important and you are in the right hands to make this process smooth.

  • You receive a Retainer Agreement outlining all the terms and conditions including our responsibility as your Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant and your responsibility as the Client, so no bad surprises
  • An application package for you and your family will be prepared, so no complexities
  • You are provided a to do list, and a list for the documents required, so no uncertainties
  • We will spend time together to fill the application documents and check the information on, so no room for mistakes

Now your Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant who is an active member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) can send your application package to the Canadian Immigration Office. 

(Please note that only Canadian Immigration Lawyers and Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant are the only authorized professionals to represent you with your application before Citizenship and immigration Canada)

Waiting is not easy and requires patience...

During the process of your application, it is not always easy to wait and wait. Sometimes it takes all your energy to think about your application and wait for the results. Patience is the best medicine to cope with this feeling as well as knowing that you are not alone 

  • You are acknowledged timely about the process and find continuous support for additional requirements, so no room for negligence
  • You know that your Representative deal with the Immigration Office on behalf of you as your Consultant all the way through, so you will have continuous support and peace in mind

After you are granted Permanent Resident Status...

Congratulation for your big accomplishment. Now you and/or your family are ready to make your move. Are you still nervous because you know so little about Canada. No worries, you will have

  • Pre-departure Orientation for Canada, The Province and the City you go and what is expecting you in Canada
  • Introduction of trustworthy businesses, organizations and people who would be helpful to you for your settlement.

And please keep in mind that Connecting to Canada cares about You and strives to create a happy world around You in this venture.