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Canadian Education Advising

It is very important to choose a program of study that would be align with your career plans either in Canada or somewhere else. Therefore, Connecting to Canada only works with some credible institutions that have proven quality of their education that would provide you required skills for your career.

Connecting to Canada is specialized to place students into tourism programs, selected business programs,  technology programs (IT, Computers) and English language programs for your needs. If you are interested with one of these areas to study, we are happy to walk with you through all the application process. Here is a list of activities that our comprehensive services include but not limited to;

  • Introducing of schools and programs,
  • Preparing a list of documents that the school requires,
  • Helping to prepare a Letter of Intent, stating why you would like to study in that program and why they should accept to the program and a Resume (CV) that many schools ask you to provide,
  • Applying to the school as your agent and correspond with the school on your behalf all the way through your application process, 
  • Preparing Student Visa Application with you and apply to Canadian Immigration Office on behalf of you,
  • Arranging accommodation for you (may be subject to extra fee),
  • Introducing you the city and the life in that environment where you are going,
  • Giving departure and arrival orientation.

If you choose to study in a program that we are not placing student directly, we can still help you to realize your dream to study in Canada with our one-to-one advisory services.

And for educational institutions...

If you are looking for some business opportunities with Canadian educational institutions, including joint program development, we will be happy to provide our consulting services to you.