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Connecting to Canada has a mission to offer high quality and personalized consulting service to our selected immigration clients to obtain Permanent Resident status in Canada.

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When we connect our immigration clients to Canada and help them to make Canada their new home, we strive to create a happy world around them and to see them succeed in their new ventures.

Immigrant Investor Program

Would you like to;

enjoy the highest quality of education for your children?
benefit from world-class medical services for your family?
live in a peaceful country with high living standards?
find a supportive business environment in which to operate?
obtain a prestigious Canadian passport?

Invest in your future now !!! Invest in Canada for Immigration.


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Express Entry System - Expression of Interest

Would you like to;

offer your skills and abilities where there is a demand?
enjoy world-class medical services and high level social benefits while working?
live in a peaceful country with your family?
provide your children with the highest quality of education in a secure environment?
obtain a prestigious Canadian passport?

 Move for your future now !!! Immigrate to Canada.


Immigration Solutions for International Students

Would you like to;

apply for or extend your Canadian student visa or permit?
obtain a work permit while studying or after graduation?
apply to immigrate to Canada under BC Povincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience Class or search for other options?
make Canada your new home permanently...

Take action now !!! Contact us for your needs. We will be happy to help you.


Other Immigration Programs

If you would you like to learn more about;

family class immigration,
eligibility to immigrate as an entrpreneur,
whether you can immigrate as an artist or athelete,
immigrate to Quebec, Canada as a skilled worker,
immigration programs of Provinces, or 
our immigration solutions for foreign workers...

Contact us now!!! We will be happy to help you.