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Immigration Self-Assessment Tests 2013

If you intend to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker or professional, there are five requirements you have to meet to be eligible to apply.  You should:

  1. Have basic eligibility to apply,
  2. Meet work experience minimum requirements,
  3. Meet minimum language requirements and have a valid language assessment test result
  4. Have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an authorized Canadian agency AND
  5. Obtain the minimum required score in the selection test (67/100)

This sample self-assessment test should only be taken if you already meet the first four requirements of applying to Canada under Federal Skilled Workers and Professionals category. If you need to learn more about the eligibility requirements, please refer our Federal Skilled Worker Program page.

Please note that this sample test is for your information only and intends to give you an idea of whether you will obtain the minimum required score in the selection test. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will decide on your case and whether your application will be successful or not.

The current pass mark is 67. The pass mark could change anytime by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You should check for updated information on a regular basis.

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