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Connecting to Canada proudly advises international students about their best education options towards their career goals in Canada, to make their application process hassle-free and to provide them continuous support during their new endeavors in Canada.

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When we connect our student clients to Canada to realize their education goals, we strive to create a happy world around them and to see them succeed in their new ventures.

Why choose Canada for studying?

Would you like to, 

access the highest quality of education at affordable prices?
study in a safe international student environment and make friends from all around the world? 
enjoy the beautiful nature of Canada and have fun while you are studying?
work while you are studying and obtain up to 3-years work permit after graduation?
have the option to immigrate to Canada after graduation?

Plan your future now !!! Study in Canada.


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Programs to Choose in British Columbia, Canada

Are you interested in,

an MBA education to advance your skills in business issues?
Business & Management programs to gain required skills, knowledge and understanding of the business environment?
Tourism & Hospitality programs to enjoy a people oriented, fun and multicultural working environment?
Technology Programs to gain global technical skills which will be always on demand?
Design Programs to express your creative side as your profession?

Please call us now !!! Learn more about your Study in British Columbia options.


Immigration Solutions for International Students

Would you like to;

apply for or extend your Canadian student visa or permit?
obtain a work permit while studying or after graduation?
apply to immigrate to Canada under BC Povincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience Class or search for other options?
make Canada your new home permanently?

Take action now !!! Contact us for your needs and we will be happy to help you out.


Other Educational Programs

Are you considering,

summer school programs?
group programs in Canada for professional development?
high school programs?
educational programs in other Provinces of Canada?
English language, certificate and diploma programs in the USA?
Spanish Immersion Programs in Guatemala?

Please contact us now !!! We will be happy to help you with your needs.