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Education Advisory Services

It is very important to choose a program of study that would be align with your career plans either in Canada or somewhere else. Therefore, Connecting to Canada only works with some credible institutions that have proven quality of their education that would provide you required skills for your career. 

We work mainly with selected institutions in the Province of British Columbia in Canada. We have reasons for that and if your answer is YES, YES, YES,...  to the questions below, you will have also reasons to choose British Columbia for your studies.

  • Would you like to have high quality education at affordable prices?
  • Would you enjoy an international student environment and make friend from all around the world and have fun together?
  • Would you be interested in skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, biking and many other outdoor sports in the beautiful nature of British Columbia?
  • Would you live in a peaceful and safe environment student environment with many amenities and activities?
  • Have the opportunity to work while studying and obtain up to 3-years work permit after graduation?

For more information about British Columbia, please visit

And here are some program categories in masters, bachelors degrees and diplomas that might be align with your career or personal / professional development plans:

  • MBA
  • Business & Management Programs
  • Tourism & Hospitality Programs
  • Sports & Recreation Programs
  • Technology & Design Programs
  • Engineering Programs
  • English Language Programs
  • High School Programs
  • Summer Schools & Group Programs

If you are interested with one of these areas to study, we are happy to walk with you through all the application process and help you to realize your dreams.

On case by case basis, we also work with institutions in other Provinces or in the USA.

For a detailed information about the programs and one-to-consulting, please contact us